UCSC Quarry Amphitheater

UC Santa Cruz - Quarry Amphitheater
Santa Cruz, California

Upper Quarry Amphitheater is an extraordinary setting at the heart of the UC Santa Cruz campus.  Originally designed by Royston Hanamoto Beck & Abey in a former limestone quarry, the Quarry Amphitheater was a popular setting for campus speakers, performances, and graduation celebrations since opening in 1967.  However, due to safety concerns, this beloved icon of the UCSC campus was closed in 2006.  Led by Office of Cheryl Barton, the Feasibility Study and Programming effort is the initial phase of the Quarry’s renovation, reconstruction and transformation into a vibrant focus of student and campus life.  

The Study and early budget forecast outline a Concept Plan and Phasing Strategy for infrastructural and support facilities and a re-envisioned amphitheater design to support a wide range of campus uses, with capacity to generate revenue, sustain its operation and retain the site’s value as an evocative natural open space.  The significance of the Quarry made the approach to resolving challenges and shaping its future an important and delicate one.  The Design Team worked closely with the UCSC community to ensure that any recommendations and plans for this remarkable site would not diminish but strengthen the inherent qualities of place that make it special.  The Study includes an assessment of both the cultural landscape value of the site and its symbolic and emotional value for a diverse range of stakeholders. 

Project Team:  O|CB, Fernau & Hartman Architects, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander, Sherwood Design Engineers, TBD Consultants, Freeman & Jewell, MJM Management Group, URS Corporation