Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
San Jose, California

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a 70-acre campus located three miles west of downtown San Jose.  O|CB is leading a multidisciplinary team to deliver a comprehensive Master Plan and phased implementation projects that include plazas, contemplative and healing gardens, and pedestrian ways.  The plan establishes a circulation loop around the campus with a new secondary entry, leading to the emergency department, that balances the redesigned main entry at the opposite side of the campus. 

The Master Plan develops a sustainable site infrastructure framework that establishes enduring principles and living guidelines for the future.  Fundamental to the Master Plan approach are: clarification of vehicular and pedestrian circulation; expansion or renewal of major program elements over time; intuitive way-finding; improved pedestrian experience; integration of stormwater management; and sustainable planting.  The plan establishes places for relaxation, recovery, recreation and social reconnection are woven throughout, creating a healthy and user-friendly indoor-outdoor environment that reduces stress in patients, families and staff. 

The first phase of implementation is underway with the West Campus Improvements Project that will address realignment of major campus circulation routes, streetscapes and stormwater infrastructure.  Two new entry plazas clarify access to the emergency department and facilities and, along with a ‘Potters Field Commemorative Garden,’ provide a range of places for people to gather and relax. 
The second phase of implementation features a complete redesign of the Campus’ primary entrance, including the Main Hospital drop off and pedestrian plaza, and a central strolling park for hospital visitors, ambulatory patients and staff.  The focal point of the park will be a commissioned, monumental scale sculpture by Bruce Beasley that identifies the main hospital entry and helps establish a new campus identity.  Forested groves within the park will provide shaded seating areas for flexible use.

Project Team:  O|CB, Sherwood Design Engineers, ARUP North America, Kate and Keating Associates, Horton Lee Brogden Lighting Design, Brookwater Irrigation, Tree Management Experts