North Beach Library

North Beach Library
San Francisco, California

North Beach is a dense, historic urban neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco, which currently supports primarily active recreational use as well as a public library.  Plans for the relocation of the library triggered the addition of new acreage to the park property and sparked an intensive conceptual planning process.  Key to the new program was the addition of more passive uses, an expansion of the children’s play area and the development of pedestrian connections through the park that are currently non-existent.

Based on initial input from the Recreation and Parks Department, the Library and the community, O|CB developed multiple conceptual Master Plan options.  Through an extensive public involvement process, these alternatives were debated and revised to build consensus among diverse stakeholders.

The recommended Master Plan received unanimous approval from the Parks and Library Commissions and the Community.  Features of the approved Master Plan include:  the closure of Mason Street to capture more park area and accommodate a stormwater garden to accept the former Mason Street water as well as the building runoff; a land swap whereby adjacent park land is allocated to the library building, thus freeing up the center of the site for the new children’s play area; and the relocation of active recreational use to provide pedestrian connections through the site.

Project Team:  LMS Architects, O|CB, Structus, Ajmani & Pamidi Inc, Telamon Engineering