Crocker Amazon Farm

Crocker Amazon Sharing Farm
San Francisco, California

O|CB worked closely with PODER, a community group based in the San Francisco Mission district, to realize their vision of a community sharing farm. Located on a 6 acre vacant site owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Sharing Farm design responds to a comprehensive and inclusive vision developed by PODER over three years of intense community engagement and research. PODER’s resulting design principles include: community building and cultural regeneration; education, leadership and apprenticeship opportunity; food justice; and sustainable principles in harmony with Nature. The design of the Farm provides places for cultivation, learning, gathering, and a platform for on-going cultural and artistic interventions on the site. The Gateway to the Farm in marked by a sculptural mosaic tiled seating wall, and provides a place for small groups to gather before entering the Farm. A path leads visitors down the slope to the Farm. The center of the Farm is a flexible community gathering space to provide a place for educational activities as well as large scale community events. The space is oriented to face east toward the rising sun and a view of the pastoral oak studded hills of McLaren Park. 250 sf of accessible raised beds and 600 sf of row crops will provide over 1,000 pounds of organic food per season for the local community. All land disturbed by construction activity will be restored with native grasses and perennials. The site provides access for individuals of all ages and abilities to engage in a rewarding and fruitful collaboration with the land.

Project Team:  MWH Global + AGS JV, O|CB, Saylor Consulting Group, Lee Incorporated