Atherton Residence

Atherton Residence
Atherton, California

The vision—Romantic Minimalism—crafted for this large private garden draws its strength from blurring the boundaries between the systematic and relaxed, between distinct sequences and found spaces. Simple movement from A to B is transformed into an exploratory act of passage and arrival. The landscape becomes a place where order and heirarchy give way to suprise and discovery.

Working closely with the owners, O|CB is developing a landscape design which responds to its regional context, highlighting a grove of mature Oak trees and the site’s borrowed views.

Several prominent axes organize both the building and landscape, with the architecture stepping out into the garden in the form of broad, stone seatwalls. The planting palette consists of native grasses with drifts of seasonal perennials, resulting in layers of textures and colors. During the design process a matrix of seasonality was created to ensure interest in the garden year-round.

Project Team:  Alden Architecture, O|CB, Murray Engineering, Inc., Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc., GFDS Engineers, Axiom Engineers, Summit Engineering, Inc., Professional Tree Care Company, Aquascape, Van Acker Construction